Optional Redirect on Creation of New Category

So, loving the software - my first dive into a RoR package as an admin and it’s looking like I didn’t give the language it’s due. My kudos on all the hard work so far.

On creation of new categories, Discourse automatically redirects you to a view of the newly created category.

Redirection after category creation should be optional behavior, as it is a real pain in the behind for setting up a whole slew of new categories. Admins and moderators establishing categories up front will have a lot of unnecessary clicks using the current model.

A simple configuration option for redirect on category creation or no redirect would suffice. The default can remain redirect, but it’s definitely not something I’d be keeping.


IMO, just click Back or use keyboard to do this, which is extremely easy. And you also have to edit category topic. Is that really pain? Rather than uncheck a checkbox every time?

You can also create a bunch of categories by API.