Optional Redirect on Creation of New Category

(Matt) #1

So, loving the software - my first dive into a RoR package as an admin and it’s looking like I didn’t give the language it’s due. My kudos on all the hard work so far.

On creation of new categories, Discourse automatically redirects you to a view of the newly created category.

Redirection after category creation should be optional behavior, as it is a real pain in the behind for setting up a whole slew of new categories. Admins and moderators establishing categories up front will have a lot of unnecessary clicks using the current model.

A simple configuration option for redirect on category creation or no redirect would suffice. The default can remain redirect, but it’s definitely not something I’d be keeping.


(Erick Guan) #2

IMO, just click Back or use keyboard to do this, which is extremely easy. And you also have to edit category topic. Is that really pain? Rather than uncheck a checkbox every time?

You can also create a bunch of categories by API.