Order of reviewed flags on review queue

I really like the way the review queue works and I check it regularly to see which flags have been handled and by whom.

Every time I check historic reviewed flags I find myself having to click through to Options in order to change the sort order (which is set to priority and needs to be changed to list in “Created At” order)

  • When listing pending flags it makes sense to show flags in priority order.

  • When listing historic flags (“all reviewed” / “everything”) it makes sense to show flags in descending date order.

Any chance the default sort order could be changed to behave in this way? (ie when you click to view “all reviewed” or “everything”, the sort order is automatically set to “Created At”)?


Second that. Maybe we could have in options a setting to set default listing(status) and sorting.


Many, many yeses. The default sort is by priority, which makes no sense for our site because the highest priority stuff is something that happened months ago. We rarely have flags sit for more than a few hours.

I would expect defaults to be at the most expansive option, then you filter down as needed. Default status as pending makes sense. I have literally never used the “Priority” option. I don’t understand what the criteria even are for “priority”-- I assume this is an aggregate of the reporters’ reputation?

Right now, the post that sits highest in our priority list is a deleted post that has two flags made and approved by a moderator.

I’d even be happy with a “remember my last search” style setting.


Do you have any thoughts on this @eviltrout? Remember last setting seems sensible as a default.

I think this is a great idea. @Roman_Rizzi as our resident review queue expert, could you take a look at this?

In the meantime I should mention that all search criteria are put into query parameters, so you can bookmark a view in the review queue and use that bookmark to revisit the search the way you like.

I still think it’s worth changing the default order when viewing old flags, though.


Excellent, thanks @eviltrout and @Roman_Rizzi :+1:


Created at is now the default order for historic flags.


Brilliant, thanks @Roman_Rizzi :+1:

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