Review queue priority adjustment

When looking at pending items in the review queue, flagged posts always float to the top of the queue. However, Queued Topics are intermingled without regard to the reason they are queued.

We have a category (wishlist) that requires all submissions to be approved. We also get topics queued because they contain words on the list of watched words, etc. The latter are higher priority because they violate our guidelines. But to find them, it often requires scrolling through many wishlist items (we get a ton of those).

Is there any site setting that can be used to make the category approval (wishlist) topics float to the bottom of the review queue while topics queued for other reasons (eg. watched words) are listed above them?

The UI and settings don’t currently allow for that level of granularity. With that said, you can use the Data Explorer to get a sorted list of currently queued topics.

Unfortunately there’s no way to identify if a reply was queued from a watched word or category setting, so I’ve excluded queued replies from the results.

Description: List all pending queued topics sorted by watched word first, then by most recent. The first column specifies why the topic was queued, the second links to the reviewable, and the third shows how long ago the topic was queued.

  CASE WHEN category_id IS NOT NULL THEN 'Category Queued Topic or Post' ELSE 'Watched Word' END,
  concat('<a href="/review/', id, '">', payload::json->>'title', '</a>') AS html$topic_reviewable_link,
  created_at AS reltime$created_at
FROM reviewables
WHERE type = 'ReviewableQueuedPost'
  AND status = 0
  AND payload::json->>'title' IS NOT NULL
ORDER BY category_id DESC, created_at DESC

The results will look like this:

I realize it’s not a perfect solution, but if things have piled up and you need a quick way to sort things, this will hopefully help!


Thanks for the reply. Is it possible to code the URL “&type=” with more than one type so that the results would show any or all of the types listed?

I’m not sure I understand. Which URL are you referring to? The links in the reviewable_link column take you directly to a single reviewable.

If you go to the Review panel and select Akismet Flagged Post in the Type popup option, you get a URL like this{}&sort_order=score&type=ReviewableAkismetPost

I’m wondering if there is syntax to add a few other “types” to the end of this URL so that the Review pane would display some (multiple) types but not others?

I don’t believe there are any hidden query params you’d be able to use to achieve what you are looking for. I’m fairly certain that if you can’t do it in the UI, you won’t be able to do it with a query param in this case.