Ordering category by activity doesn't work?

I have configured categories to be displayed by activity:

But Discourse shows at the top a category that was not the one which contains more activity. See screenshot below. Why?

Side question: how to I order subcategories per activity?

What Discourse means by ordering by activity is that categories will be ordered based on the time that the last topic or post in the category was created. For example, if a reply is created to a topic in your WEB category, that category should get pushed to the top of the category list.

Subcategories are ordered in the same way. As an example, creating a new topic in my ‘scratch thirteen’ subcategory both pushed ‘scratch thirteen’ to the top of the subcategory list and pushed the ‘scratch’ category to the top of the category list:


Thank you for the explanation. That’s not exactly what I’d want. Is there an option to order categories by “volume” (like, posts per month, or number of posts)?

There isn’t an option to order categories by the number of posts or number of posts per month. If you only have a few categories you could do that manually by selecting the fixed category positions setting an then reordering your categories periodically based on posts per month. That’s probably not an ideal solution for you though.