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:discourse2: Summary Discourse OrgChart allow you to add interactive Organizational Charts easily to a Discourse post using a CSV code block.
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Install this theme component

OrgChart are defined in a simple CSV-like format like the following example:

Loren Reynolds,,king,,dentist
Emogene Hintz MD,,dann.quitzon,king,firefighter
Adelaida Swaniawski Jr.,,nicol.johnston,dann.quitzon,traffic warden
Ismael Stanton,,terrance,dann.quitzon,travel agent
Shad Jacobi,,german,nicol.johnston,newsreader
Kermit Tromp,,carin,nicol.johnston,lecturer
Sierra Huel IV,,dominic.lehner,carin,physicist
Anh Spencer,,ignacio.farrell,terrance,statistician
Salvatore Weissnat,,keith,ignacio.farrell,journalist

Can you use uploaded images?

Very nice btw.

Hey, this seems to give 500 error when trying to install.

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