Our community built an app you're welcome to modify and use

I saw a lot of recent posts about ForumX, Fig and Lexicon. The 1st is a service who’ll create an app for you, the 2nd two appear to be abandoned based on the comments on here where they are mentioned.

We built an android app with push notifications which operates great for our platform, it has it own icon, welcome screen, and then loads our forum directly in an app format. Here it is in the Play Store. We’ve also been planning on building an iOS one using Flutter for a while.

If you’re able to code a little you are very welcome to modify our Android app and use it for your forums. Here’s the Android Apps Git. If not i expect one of our opensource devs would be happy to modify it for you for a few hundred bucks, send me a DM and i’ll ask them.

If you want the opensource iOS app we’re building in Flutter you can either wait until our volunteer network builds it, although i should caution that it could take a year or so. Or you could join in coding it with us, or if a few people want to chip in together financially we could greatly speed up the process and have it in around a month.

All our devs code in the free-time after work so things tend to move at a glacial pace, but if it was incentivised there would be devs who want to get on and build it faster. The final app would need to be opensource and available for everyone.


It would be great if such a flutter project was in the discourse repository. I think it will be interesting to many


We will create one, but it i really don’t expect it to land anytime soon.

If there’s a general interest in making it happen soon what would be the best way?

I could post a crowdfunder here so a few of us can all chip in, or i could ask one of my devs to build it (external to my community who only build opensource) and then we sell the app in marketplace post production for… $50 a pop to recoup the initial investment costs?

Any other suggestions?

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  1. Ask the discourse team to create a new repository.
  2. Create an initial project.
  3. Launch crowdfunding (opencollective).
  4. Reward developers based on their contributions.
  5. Create an MVP.
  6. Add plugins support.
  7. Be happy :wink:

@Drew-ART ! Thank you for posting your Android native app solution and suggesting a Flutter option for iOS. I’m curious the status of the project


No updates as yet. I’m afraid our focus has shifted elsewhere at the moment.

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Just wanted to briefly chime in here. There was a period where development on Lexicon had slowed, however the project was not abandoned and it is still alive and well. We recently released Lexicon version 2 with support for push notifications.

Sorry to hear that focus on this project has shifted elsewhere for now. While our project is built with React Native, we are big fans of Flutter, and it would be great to see a Flutter-based project for building Discourse apps.

Regardless, thanks for your contributions to the ecosystem!

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