Overlapping Subscriptions Issue

Our community recently changed its membership fees. Due to the way Stripe works, we had to create a new subscription product with the new price and then communicate to our members that they would need to renew manually this year under the new product. Both the old subscription and the new subscription are linked to our “private group”, which gives our members permissions to see the private categories.

However, some of our members are subscribing to the new product before the old one expires. Then, what seems to be happening is that the plugin is removing our members from the private group when the old subscription expires, even though the new one is still active. Of course, this is causing confusion and complaints.

I don’t know how to resolve this, so I’m hoping someone here has a suggestion. Thanks in advance!

Maybe you can change the group associated with the old subscription with a bogus group. Then when that expired, they’d get removed from the bogus group. They’d stay members of the group even after their old subscription expired, so you’d periodically need to go and manually remove those people from the group.

Another idea that I had was to do something like the below, but I’d have to look at the source to figure out how todo it, and I think the above solution should work and not require knowing the internals.

   old_subscriptions=SubscriptionOrSomethingLikeThat.where(somefield: 'sub_xyz')

I think that the “right” way to do it would have been to create a new group for the new subscription and add it to the associated categories. That too would have been a bother.

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