Page reload spring when reached bottom of page in iOS beta

(MixonEPA) #1

This is happing running the latest Chrome iOS beta build but can be repro on public release also.

(Joffrey Jaffeux) #2

Hi, I don’t have a clear repro of this, can you give me the topic URL where it’s happening pleas ?

(MixonEPA) #3

Hi @joffreyjaffeux, all over I’m having this bug, here’s another repro on this page.

(Joffrey Jaffeux) #5

What’s your phone please ? Could be specific to a form factor.

(MixonEPA) #6

iPhone XR running the latest developer beta, as for browser running chromes latest iOS beta build.

(Kris) #7

We don’t support beta browsers (though I saw you mention it’s happening on the public release too).

I just tested this on an iPhone XS in Chrome on Wyze with the dark theme selected and can’t reproduce the issue (tried here on Meta too)…

I wonder if it’s related to Header flickering on mobile? It’s a stretch, but the type of flickering feels similar.

(MixonEPA) #8

Hello @awesomerobot, the Issue I’m having seems very similar to what the OP was experiencing, I’ma try and mess with some chrome flag settings and see if I can get it to stop I’ll update if I can.

(Stephen) #9

Which version of Chrome is that? 73.0.3683.67?

(MixonEPA) #10

Here you go @Stephen.

(Stephen) #11

I don’t think it’s the chrome beta as much as the iOS beta being used. I’ve tested on current public iOS release with Chrome, and the beta build, no repro.

We’re expecting a bunch of webkit changes in iOS 12.2.

(Kris) #12

Ah right, I overlooked that — we also don’t support beta OS versions.

Hopefully we see a decrease in Safari bugs rather than an increase :sweat_smile:

(Jeff Atwood) closed #13