[Paid] Advanced functionality development


We are looking for Ruby/JavaScript developer (teams are also welcomed) to modify Discourse forum engine for our needs and contribute to Open Source by sharing all the developments with Discourse community.

Improvements to be done:

  1. Modify Trust Levels system to make its restrictions and conditions
  2. Develop Violation Penalties system (aka Read Only mode).

(Régis Hanol) #2

What changes do you need to make?


As you may know, there’s no way to change transition conditions between Trust Levels and their restrictions at the moment.
E.g. we need TL0 users become TL1 after 72 hours from the registration moment and disable TL2-TL4.
The point is to make such changes configurable via config file or in a different way.

(Kane York) #4

Curious - what benefit do you expect to derive from making the transition purely time-based and not checking for human interaction? That has a very high chance of crippling your spam protection.


Well, as I’ve said it was just an example, not a final decision.
For some reasons current implementation is not suitable for our needs.
But the point is still the same — to make restrictions/priviligies and transfer conditions of Trust Level system cofigurable.

(system) #6

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