[PAID] Custom theme for RP site!

What would you like done?

I have an upcoming RP site in the works, and we have a lore site up, and have just installed discourse as our forum of choice. I am honestly very new to discourse and while I have looked through the tutorials/docs for themeing, can’t wrap my head around it and am overwhelmed. I am looking for someone to create a theme that fits our current site (ayreawolves.com). Here’s a mockup I made of what we are looking for:

Theme would need to match existing site, and I’d like for there to be a nav/header component as well that can be edited by site admins via theme/component settings ideally (so we can change links/dropdowns and the bg image!). Very simple and streamlined look and feel.

When do you need it done?

In the next month or two, but there isn’t really a hard date. We’re attempting to officially launch the site in early 2021.

What is your budget, in $USD that you can offer for this task?

I do have a budget but it is not very big - $150 - $200. I’m willing to negotiate and compromise on some elements if necessary - which may lead to more future work as budget allows! I’d love to know your terms and prices, etc. Please reply or PM me, and I am on discord as well at Ziirahdane#1142.


Hello @Ziirahdane, I’ve moved your post to #marketplace as that’s where solicitations for work go on Meta. If you have any sort of a budget, posting that is welcome too.



If you can wait till 1st December, I can take it. Please drop me an email to bhanu@orng.co and we can discuss the project.


This is no longer active but thank you for your interest!