[PAID] Discourse/Discord integration needed (roles/user groups)

What would you like done?

We need a plugin that synchronizes Discord roles with Discourse user groups.

We have a Discord server with a Subscribestar.com bot that automatically assigns roles based on users’ subscription tiers (i.e. ‘SubscribeStar 5 tier’, ‘SubscribeStar $10 tier’ etc.)

Now, we want to open a Discourse site for our subscribers only (non-subscribers will only access a non-sub category). We will distinguish subscribers by assigning them specific Discourse user groups.

We need you

  1. To help us setup Discord Oauth2 Plugin so that only users with Discord accounts could create Discourse accounts.

  2. To create or adapt any existing Discord bot that would notify Discourse whenever a Discord user role has been assigned/updated/unassigned (or somehow access Discord API by any other means whenever a role changes)

  3. To create a plugin that would a) check existing Discord roles and create the same user groups (Discord roles are the source of truth) b) receive Discord role updates for the users and assign/update/unassign Discourse user groups to them accordingly.

When do you need it done?

The sooner the better. A couple of weeks to develop?

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?

Does $300-500 sound reasonable? Please provide a quote.

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Have you looked at my recently released plugjn?

It’s currently an ad hoc (by command), bot facilitated one way sync Discourse → Discord.

Happy for you to fund expansion if current functionality is too limited, but it’s pretty sophisticated already and you can use it now for free.

There may be a way of allowing only Discord login already.

You can use my required fork of the existing user authorisation plugin straightaway. (PR is pending. Once this is accepted and merged, you can revert to upstream master).

This existing user OAuth plugin auto-approves every person within a provided Guild. You can simply not approve anyone else :slight_smile:

There is already a kick command that kicks anyone out of your Discord Server who does not have sufficient Trust Level on the corresponding Discourse.

Currently my plugin uses Discourse as master. You create a Group in Discourse. If you then sync, it will create a Role in Discord and add the members. (non-destructively).

It should be perfectly possible, but extra work to add the reverse commands.

We can also look at adding a facility to run things periodically, automatically.

Feel free to contact me via PM.


This request looks similar to what I was talking about in the original thread to go the other way around. I guess there would be demand for my fork were I to ever get around to it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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