[PAID] Fix cURL error 6 in Discourse WP Plugin

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to configure the Discourse WP Plugin but, no matter what I do, I still get the error message " You are not connected to Discourse. If you are setting up the plugin, this notice should go away after completing the form on this page." and it won’t load the Discourse categories list on the Publishing tab. I installed “Query Monitor” plugin and it shows a “cURL error 6: Could not resolve host: discourse.saladebriefing.com.br”. (screenshot here)

My website domain is saladebriefing.com.br. The SSO is functioning properly as far as I can tell, but I’m afraid that, if I don’t fix this mistake now, it will cause more problems in the future.

The website is hosted on Siteground behind a Sucuri firewall, and the Discourse is hosted on Vultr. I have already contacted Support on all 3 of them and tried most of the solutions that I found here, such as checking if the firewalls are blocking something, if TLS is activated on both ends, DNS resolvers on Discourse server, SSL certificate chains… I’ve just run out of ideas.

I’m still developing the website, so there are no worries about downtime, just get this fixed as soon as possible. I’m willing to pay between $20-50 for this task (properly connecting WP and Discourse and fixing all error messages shown). I have no idea if this amount is too much or too little, so I’m willing to reconsider if necessary. And, after finishing, I expect you to share what you have done so that I know exactly how to fix this issue in the future.

Thanks in advance.


You need to check the DNS resolvers on the Wordpress server, not on the Discourse side.


I’m sorry for the trouble you are having getting your WordPress site connected to Discourse. There was a similar report from a WordPress site hosted on Siteground a few days ago. That issue was resolved, but it’s not clear what fixed it: Unable to connect Discourse and WordPress.


Thanks @RGJ and @simon for the advice. I sent this post to Siteground Support staff and they finally figured out what caused it:

I checked all of the suggestions and noticed that there was mentioned another client of ours who has encountered the same issue. In his case, the problem was resolved by updating the IP which the domain should resolve to in the local DNS zone on our server.

After adding the following DNS record:

discourse.saladebriefing.com.br. 14400 IN A

The connection was established successfully and immediately by your plugin.

So, there you go. Special thanks to Stela C. from Siteground support who had the patience to carefully review everything and finally figure it out.


That sounds really fragile.

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