Paid Gig: Backup & restore + HTTPS (letsencrypt) + diagnose crash

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Install at keeps going down with 502 error. Restarting the droplet seems to bring it back on for a little bit but it quickly goes back down.

We’re not sure what’s causing this.

There’s a graph here showing a 30-day utilization spike.

And 7-day CPU utilization graph showing the same spike:

There wasn’t a corresponding spike in traffic as far as we can tell. The only thing we noticed was that we saw ads injected on the site. Could that be the cause? Have no idea.

So we need to also get HTTPS from letsencrypt.

When do you need it done?


What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?

Flexible. Send a PM if you’re interested.

Do you mean that you added something that put ads on the site or that someone was posting ads on the site?

Someone was putting ads on the site. We have the official discourse plugin installed but we saw ad units we hadn’t installed (an overlay for eg.) on the site.

@pfaffman should be able to help – definitely recommend switching to https!

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Update: I did a clean install on a new droplet and backed and restored the database to the new server and configured letsencrypt. It seems that the mysterious injected ads were from an ISP, not Discourse.

Hey @codinghorror, do you think that these utilization spikes are due to some weekly or monthly Sidekiq process? (Makes sense to me.) If that’s the case, then I think all of the strangeness has been explained.


It’s certainly possible. Glad to hear HTTPS was part of the solution. So many entities attempting to meddle with content these days… scary.


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