[PAID] Looking for someone to migrate my IPB forum

I have a big forum (way over 2M posts) that runs on IPB:

I’m considering migrating it to Discourse.

It there anyone up to the task?

Besides migration I would need to integrate the authorization with the parent site so that users can use the same credentials on site and forum.


I’m interested, but you left out a few essential parts of your post:

  • When do you need it done?
  • What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?

We’re already in touch, but for others planning such a move, here are some questions to consider:

General Questions for Doing an Import

Are you self-hosting? If not, will the good folks at IPB give you the database and whatever else you need (e.g., the files uploaded to the gallery)?

Have you thought about where you’ll host your Discourse forum? A business hosting plan includes “standard migration.” (There isn’t currently an importer for IPB, but if IPB is common enough, they might write one.)

What all do you want imported besides posts, users, passwords, and the gallery? For example, do you want the avatars too? (Often importers neglect to implement import of avatars for one reason or another).

IPB-specific Questions

IPB appears to include Eight community applications. I see that you have a gallery. Does it include User Albums, or just ones that will fit conveniently into Discourse categories? (I don’t think that I see that you’re using IPB for anything else).


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