[Paid] Make My Discourse Compliant For Adsense

Good Afternoon,

I received an email from Adsense this week that said I needed to adopt a Consent Management Platform (CMP) on my site to ensure that Adsense continues to serve ads to the EU and UK. Presumably, they mean my Discourse forum where Adsense appears.

This seems extremely critical, and I urgently need help to do this. Without Adsense on the Discourse, I might need to close the forum. I suspect other admins have received this same email and needed to become compliant too, right? You can see a post on this very topic right here on Meta Discourse.

What would you like done?

You would make my Discourse compliant with a Google-certified CMP to ensure that Adsense continues serving ads. You would add any necessary plugin, or open any account with a third-party solution, and prove compliance to Adsense to ensure they continue serving ads.

Of course, I would give you admin access my to Discourse forum, Adsense account, and any other accounts needed to complete this.

When do you need it done?

The Adsense email says that my site will stop showing AdSense ads to EU and UK after January 16, 2024. I would prefer to complete this as soon as possible.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?

Truthfully, I do not know the fair rate to receive your help on this. I can probably hit a range of $100-300. However, please share your quote and I will discuss any amount with you.

You can see a screenshot of the email from Adsense below.

Please let me know if you can help me with this, as I do not know where else to receive help. Without Adsense, I cannot do the Discourse forum any longer, thank you.


To update, I might have completed this myself.

I logged into Adsense. They immediately forced a pop-up on the screen. I clicked Option 2 and completed their form. I believe that might have fulfilled the needs of the CMP requirement. Apparently, Adsense will oversee the CMP part of it by itself. Can anyone confirm? Thank you.


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