[paid] Need some minor help with my DB


Happy to pay someone to correct an error I’ve caused. I changed the name of the meta category and slug, and it’s now causing an invalid page error when trying to access the category.

It probably just requires that the category name and slug be returned to ‘meta’ but I’d rather not mess around in the shell trying to run queries in postgres - really not familiar with it.

If you can help, please ping me.

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I don’t think meta has anything special about it, it is just another category.

However: I noticed you changed the slug to /chat – can you try changing it to general-chat instead?

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the reply. The problem I have is that I can’t get onto the category page in order to change the slug back, as it throws the error. As the only place to edit it is on the page, this makes it a little tricky.

I guess I’d need to run an update query on the DB to do this but I’m not familiar with running sql queries from the command line, so if you could tell me how, that’d be awesome.

I have tried creating a new DB user and logging into the DB but got a response saying the DB wouldn’t allow the connection. Didn’t want to mess around too much without knowing how.

Thanks for your help.

@techapj has some walkthroughs here under howto on getting to the rails console and issuing SQL commands.

Excellent, it’s done, thanks for the help.

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