[Paid] Need someone that can help us to extend tags, plugins, and some system maintenance

Hi, we are looking for someone that can help us to integrate Discourse with our actual PHP web.
We need to extend tags plugin to let us create topics with tags using PHP and the API.
Also that person will take care of Discourse system (upgrades, etc).

Please send me hourly rates. Thank you

@elfeffe Did you find anyone that you’d be willing to recommend or share? I’m looking for the same.

No :frowning:
But I found somewhere that the next version (1.2) will include it in the
core. So I think it will be officially supported.

Good to know and many thanks!

FWIW, upgrades are pretty easy to do in the web UI, except for image upgrades which require command line.

Maybe the “upgrading your Docker image” howto should be expanded to a similar level of detail as the install guide?