[Paid] Online Forum Presence and Pseudo-Chat

(mountain) #1

I need quotes from anyone willing to write some things I need to move forward on my community forum projects. Both projects need an online presence and the ability for members to be able to send small shoutbox messages when needed.

  1. A plugin which pulls from the current page information for an online presence. This would be similar to WordPress’ php function template tags() where each tag spits out an integer or a single sentence of some kind. These would be integers that say how many are currently viewing a topic and how many are replying to it. That would appear on the topic list for each topic, if the integer is >0. Inside each topic would say the same: how many are currently viewing and how many are currently replying. I would hope for inside the topic itself, the numbers would change in real-time.
    I would also like some metrics on how many members visited the forum in the past 24 hours, the number of topics and posts read, number of posts liked, number of posts made.

  2. A ‘shoutbox’ that uses a single topic as the source. The topic source can be changed from the admin CP, to make shoutbox archives. I am looking into this mockup for what I need.

I am only looking for quotes right now. I have a budget, but I’ll see what I get, as well as donations from my community’s members too. Still seeing if this concludes but if not implemented, then this all is moot, so I’m not putting down any funds yet. Just probing about for prices.

Thank you.

(Jeff Atwood) #2