[Paid] Parent/Child Tagging System + Docs Plugin Group Tagging

I realize this is a bit complicated, so apologies in advance for a long post. Happy to take this via PM for further details.

Quick Background for Context:
Currently, we have a Discourse Community that is fairly active. The products we sell are smart home products and they are actually pretty complex in nature. Not only do they require a decent amount of technical knowledge, there are also many different devices our products work with.

Long story short, it’s very difficult to keep up on our end to continuously write knowledgebase articles (outside of Discourse) and so we came up with the idea of having a Community driven Wiki. This way the subject matter experts can continuously update instructions, specs, etc.

What would you like done?
There are a couple of things we’d like done.

  1. Change the way our tagging system works to allow more of a parent/child relationship (I know this is possible now, but a little more user-friendly as we have a lot of tags)
  2. Use these tags in the Docs page to make it easier to navigate

Changing the Tagging System
Here’s a quick mockup of what we’re looking to do based on our site.

Essentially, if someone chooses a, “Parent Tag”, it will only show, “Child Tags” applicable to that Parent. Currently, what happens is that all tags are shown.

There should also be a way to have multiple Parent Tags.

Using these tags on our, “Docs” URL
Once we’re able to get the tagging structure completed, we’d like to have our docs URL more organized using this Parent/Child structure. Currently, we are using the Docs plugin: Discourse-docs: Documentation Management Plugin and our page is located here: Docs - Inovelli Community

Current & Proposed View
Unfortunately, it looks like I can’t upload multiple pictures, so I’ll try my best to explain. Basically, we want to have the Parent/Child tags on the Docs URL so that the user can essentially, “drill down” by selecting the various tags. This is possible now, but all tags are listed under, “tags” whereas we’d love to have them grouped.

When do you need it done?
Not a major timeline to hit, but we’re currently working on the Wiki/Doc database now, so the sooner the better. We’d love to get started now.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?
Happy to discuss via PM, but we’re aware this will likely be an expensive/time-consuming project.

@fzngagan – I setup a time with your team for Thursday, but am happy to discuss further via PM or another method. Hopefully you can help!

Anyone else who is able to, we’re open as well to other offers :slight_smile:

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