[PAID] Rate Limit on Topics per Month

What would you like done?
Right now I have my instance setup so that all users are by default trust level 0 and cannot post; they can just peak around. Then, I use Discourse subscriptions so that any paying user gets upgraded to trust level 2 and is allowed to post as much as they want.

That last part is key; I’d like for paying users not to be allowed to post as much as they want. The ideal would be to have paying users limited to 20 or so topics per month. Maybe this could be done by, once users are paying users, tracking how many topics they create per month, and then once they reach a certain threshold, “demote” them back to trust level 0 until the new month starts, at which point they are promoted back to trust level 2 and their 20-question bank resets for that month.

Also, in the site settings, there is a max topics per day settings. Maybe some similar logic could be used.

When do you need it done?
No strict timeline.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?
$100 - $500? Not sure how much something like this would cost. Doesn’t seem all too difficult, unless I’m missing something.

I’ll take a look. It might be a $500 problem to add a max posts per month site setting. Please email Jay@literatecomputing.com. Thanks


This project was delivered and paid for on 03/12/2021. Great working with @pfaffman!


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