PAID Seeking a developer to install, integrate with Wordpress blog and SSO, and customize site


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Hi everyone, I run a small company and I’m looking to add a community forum to my site. The existing site uses Cratejoy to generate customer profiles and data and I’d want to have SSO between it and the forum. I’ll also be adding a Wordpress blog soon and will want to integrate the blog and forum with each other.

I’m looking to hire someone for the nuts and bolts but also to discuss strategy and bigger picture goals and plans in the process, to make sure we’re laying a solid foundation for eventually building a very large and active online community.

If you like, feel free to email me directly at Thanks!

  • Brian

(Anton) #2

Hi Brian

I just finished my travel and am now available for casual work. Not a ruby programmer, so not likely to be able to extend/hack Discourse, but being the author of the Twig Anything plugin, I can help you with WordPress integration.

Feel free to ping me in Skype (meglio.public) or email (


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