[PAID] seeking custom design and plugins for a Discourse site

We are looking for someone to build:

-Custom homepage (with Discussion threads and mini online “courses” that follows a mockup I provide.

-Custom plugin that uses Braze for SMS over email. Hides the email address on sign-up. Uses a hidden email ld and an aliased address discourse+1234567890@tala.co) for all users, sends the activation code via SMS. It will send an email AND an SMS. But the email will go to the dead address.

-Build a custom badge for users who have completed a course.

-Custom plugin to allow users to mark a topic Complete. To be used for the courses category. Data to be stored in a way that it can be extracted in the Data Explorer plugin.

Please let me know if this is a project you would be interested in and if we can set up a call to discuss this week. Thank you!


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This one is interesting and I’d like to tackle it if I’ve got a chance.

Sending you a PM :slight_smile:

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