[Paid] Set locale for SSO users


Hi Guys,

Our current SSO platform has the ability to add a local parameter to the query string we send to discourse.

Current we support the following languages “en”, “zh-Hans” [Simplified chinese], “zh-Hant” [Traditional chinese], “ja”, “ko”, “id”, “vi”, “ar”, “th”.
Note: This is not an exhaustive list and we will keep on adding new languages.

1/ When a user logs in (SSO) for the first time (=user creation), we set Discourse language based on the specified “locale” parameter.

  • If this parameter is missing or invalid, we log a warning in discourse log and keep default language.
  • If requested language is missing from discourse, we also log a warning in discourse log and keep default language.

2/ Once a user created, we do not override the locale setting.

1/ The “locale” query string parameter is embedded within the sso payload
2/ We own the server hosting Discourse (they are in AWS)
2/ We are using the latest version of Discourse 2.0.0 beta (updated weekly)

How much would it cost to develop this plugin?

Thank you,

(Joe Buhlig) #3

Just to be clear. You need to set the user locale preference for new users based on a parameter already being sent to Discourse?

Sounds like a simple add. Would you sending me an email at joe@joebuhlig.com and I can get you a quote and other details?


Taking that offline with Joe :slight_smile:

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