Submitting language setting via SSO

we are thinking about using discourse with a SSO out of another, leading platform. User credentials will be transmitted via SSO. Questions is wether it is necessary to transmit the user’s language out of the leading platform or is this not necessary as discourse might pull this from the browser directly?


By default, Discourse will use the default locale you’ve configured.

If you’ve enabled the allow user locale setting, then users will be able to select another locale from their preferences page.

If you want to automatically set the the locale based on the browser’s language header, then enable the set locale from accept language header setting.

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Great, so these are setting a admin does and don’t refer to data that has to be transmitted via SSO?

Exactly. These are settings an admin does.

I don’t think we support setting the user’s locale via SSO but that’s only because we’ve never been asked to.

Here’s the list of attributes we support setting via SSO