User Language Settings

Question translated from Japanese to English.
What are the language settings for users currently participating in Discourse?

My community is set up for user registration by SSO.
Ideally, language settings should be available at the same time as user registration by SSO.

The language settings are as follows
Default locale: ja
allow user locale: true

In other words, I would like to set the language of the user registered on my site to the language of the user of Discourse.

I would like to do this maintenance free, so is there an API etc. to do these things?

・default locale: ja
・allow user locale: true

Hi @翔_藤原 :wave: welcome to Discourse Meta :slight_smile:

I think that perhaps this topic may help you:

Hi, Lillian

Thanks for the reply!
I checked the link.

I will give it a try!

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