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Hi, I have just started a commercial site and would like to put sticky AdSense ads in the forum sidebar (as you scroll the ads stay in place). This would require moving the “Reply as a new topic” text and any other text in the current sidebar area to somewhere else. It may also require an extension to the AdSense plugin.

Feel free to contact me with a quote based upon the number of hours you think it will take. Or feel free to discuss the project below. Thank you.

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Taking this on during development of Discourse v1.5 will be tricky, since there are radical changes planned for the sidebar in this version:

If you need it done sooner rather than later, then just know that the customisation will probably have to be redone at some point (but we don’t know when the sidebar change will happen, or of it even makes it into the v1.5 cycle).

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Thanks for the info. about how many hours do you think it will take? Is it possible to make the changes with CSS, and if so is there a guide somewhere?

It sounds like Google might have a problem with the ‘sticky’ part.

This is from “Examples of unacceptable implementations” on the AdSense site.

###Unnatural attention to ads

Publishers are not permitted to bring unnecessary or unnatural attention to their Google ads. Examples of this include:

flashy animations that draw a user’s eyes to the ads
arrows or other symbols pointing to the ads
Drawing unnatural attention to ads includes placing Google ads in a floating box script that causes the ad to appear in a “sticky" position on the page as the user scrolls down. This type of ad implementation is not permitted.

Other than that it sounds doable.


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