[PAID] Technical Upgrade to Discourse Community

Please find this Consultancy Description for the upgrade to a discourse based community that I found on the Rocky Mountain Institute website.

What they would like done?
Technical assistance in the upgrade of discourse based community

When do they need it done?
Between July 31st - August 22nd

What is the budget, in $ USD that they can offer for this task?

Total project consultancy costs will not exceed $15 000


This is a short term consultancy.

I’m confused. You say “upgrade” but I did find any forum for RMI-CWR

Is there an existing forum for RMI-CWR ?

@TreeHugger4life, you just found this posting, right? You’re not affiliated with them?

I read the proposal but couldn’t figure out how to apply or who to contact about it.

@pfaffman @Mittineague I was told that it is a forum that currently exists for their client.

The description states please send a resume, cover letter and portfolio samples to


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