[PAID] Webhook or a similar thing for digest email


Since my users are mostly using my mobile application, I want to send digest emails directly to my application and also send notifications, whenever they are available.

So I need something like webhook to send digest email data to an endpoint.

How would this work, given the fact that digest emails are personalized? How would you be identifying the users?

Do you want to send “real” digest emails as well?


I store the user id of my users inside my application as a user field in discourse. then I assume this data would be transferred alongside digest data to the endpoint I want. This way I can do the rest and show digest inside my application and/or send notifications when ever they arrive.

If its possible to have different frequencies for real digest email and this webhook with minimal effort, I think its preferable.

You’re welcome to look at https://github.com/markschmucker/discourse-506investor-digest-plugin. It sends all posts- not just a few like the standard digest emails. It also sends the most-liked post (we put that post at the top of our custom digest).

The endpoint is hard-coded so you’d have to change that.

This will override the standard digests.


Thank you very much for sharing your plugin. However your plugin seems to be too much customized. I prefer to use discourse own digest method with minimal change. just need to send the data to an endpoint instead of email, to do what i want with it.

ok, your requirements are pretty clear. I will be able to do this. Estimated cost will be around USD 600.
PM me for details !


OP didn’t mind sharing the code :tada: so you can find it here: https://github.com/communiteq/discourse-webhook-digest/

There is support for JSON and HTML payloads, shared secret authentication, configurable sending interval and suppression periods.


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