Params[:file] attributes lost within Scheduler::Defer

I deployed a instance manually on a centos host, image upload does not work, after several hours of debug, I find file in Scheduler::Defer block lost some attribites, see debug code below

def create
    type = params.require(:type)
    file = params[:file] || params[:files].try(:first)
    url = params[:url]
    client_id = params[:client_id]
    synchronous = is_api? && params[:synchronous]

    if type == "avatar"
      if SiteSetting.sso_overrides_avatar || !SiteSetting.allow_uploaded_avatars
        return render json: failed_json, status: 422

    Rails.logger.error(file.tempfile.path)    # =>url

    if true #synchronous
      data = create_upload(type, file, url)
      render json: data.as_json
      Scheduler::Defer.later("Create Upload") do
        Rails.logger.error(file.tempfile.path)  # => nil
        data = create_upload(type, file, url)
        MessageBus.publish("/uploads/#{type}", data.as_json, client_ids: [client_id])
      render json: success_json

any one know what’s going on here?

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Let me have a look and try to repro locally.

I think it’s not easy to repro, I run development environment on ubuntu and mac all works, this problem only occur on a centos host with production environment, and I am not using docker to install that

Yeah I can’t repro locally :frowning: I’m afraid you’re on your own here (CentOS + non-docker install).

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I will post the info I get so far in case some one interested

Now I can narrow down the problem to: when use unicorn, object within Scheduler::Defer.later block will lost their instance_variables

a = "1"
a.instance_variable_set('@a', 1)
Rails.logger.error(a.instance_values)    # => {"a"=>1}
Scheduler::Defer.later("Create Upload") do
  Rails.logger.error(a.instance_values)  # => nothing

If I start a console by rails c and run above code, the result is as expected,

after switch to thin, image upload works

unicorn also not work on my development machine, which is ubuntu, but the result is a little bit different: the instance_varialbes remains, but the tempfile is show closed, call path on that return nil

{"tempfile"=>#<Tempfile: (closed)>, "original_filename"=>"favicons.png", "content_type"=>"image/png", "headers"=>"Content-Disposition: form-data; name=\"files[]\"; filename=\"favicons.png\"\r\nContent-Type: image/png\r\n"}


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