Password reset not working

Hello everyone,
Hope you’re doing fine !

I’m creating this topic because I’m an admin of a community and we have noticed that, when a user asks for a password reset, he receive the email with a link but when he click on it, it says that this page don’t exist or is private.

This issue is appearing to all our users (including staff)

How can I resolve that ?

Thank you for your precious help !

Is it a bad translation? We recently saw a bad translation here replace the URL with something else that was wrong.

No because our forum is in English, no particular translation. And the URL seems correct… :thinking:

Not sure, unless you can repro it here or on it is probably a configuration issue of some kind.

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Are you talking about or another site?
Because I created an account 2 minutes ago and I can reset the password without problem.

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No it’s on

I can send you a password reset link if you want.

I’m sorry guys the problem is now resolved I have just update the forum and now everything is working fine :wink:

Thank you for your help !