Way to Get a Link for Password Reset Window?

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I’m working on a forum where we’d like to put a link in a banner that would send users a password reset e-mail when clicked. We’re hoping this will help immigrated users realize they need to reset their passwords to get into their accounts. Is there a way to at least provide a link that launches the password reset pop over window so they don’t have to search for it under the login button? Some of our users aren’t big on technology (ie computers in general) so I unfortunately don’t have much faith that everyone will be able to find the login button.


Well, it should be https://example.com/password-reset but it seems to be broken.

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Wouldn’t there need to be a /<user>/ or /my/ in the URL ?

Hmm we should fix those routes @eviltrout


Thanks for the responses. It’s not the biggest issue, but I figured there would be a somewhat simple solution.

This commit should fix it: