Pasted Link Topic Notification Email Does Not Show the Link


This is the inverse of Email-in: create a topic from a link?

A new topic can be created by pasting a link in place of the topic title. This brings the link to the front, attaching it to the topic itself in a way that the link is readily accessible in the topic list. But when the notification email is sent, the link does not appear necessarily, as the body of the topic presentation can be entirely changed, including removing that link.


When I paste as the new topic title, the system captures the URL and attaches it to the newly-created topic, eventually replacing the topic title with the captured page title, and placing the URL in the topic description’s body. Once this is done, I can edit the message at will, including removing the URL from the body, and the link will remain attached to the topic.

This is an excellent behaviour, but the experience of reading the topic on the web and by email is very different! On the web, I have direct access to the attached link, even without opening the topic, and that signals the topic as being related to a third-party page. But by email, this context can be easily lost.

Expected Outcome

When a topic is created by pasting a link

  • the notification email should ensure the actual URL is present in the message;
  • the notification email should put the link on top of the message so that the message becomes the context of the link, and not the opposite;
  • the notification email should highlight the link, e.g., by prefixing the message with:

Context URL: