Pasting Discourse link into Slack shows generic site info instead of a link preview

Hi, folks. I tried to search here for an answer, but maybe I didn’t have the right keywords. I apologize if this is a FAQ with an obvious answer.

When I paste a Discourse link (topic or reply) into Slack, can I get the same kind of topic/reply preview that I see when the Chat integration posts an item from Discourse into Slack? Currently, when I post a Discourse link into Slack, the preview there gives me the generic information about the Discourse site.

Many thanks.

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Is your Discourse instance login_required ?


It is, and that makes perfect sense to me. I hadn’t thought of that.

What are my options? The Slack integration does what I want; can I use it to post an article preview on demand from Discourse, rather than only when the plugin detects a new Discourse topic/post/reply?