Patreon Plugin - problem removing access after cancellation

I just had a user who had an annual subscription in Patreon report that they lost access to their patron status after cancelling the subscription/billing for their account, even though it was not going to expire until September.

I assume this was working correctly in the past as this is the first report I have had of this happening in the 2+ years using this plugin.

I mean we aren’t removing access that they paid for correct? That would be kinda dumb. :slight_smile:

The plugin assigns users in paid tiers to groups. Users who left a paid tier into the free tier will be removed from groups as the plugin doesn’t have any support for the free tier.

If the user current tier is the free tier, as per the screenshot, it’s working as intended.

Well no disrespect but in most deployments I can envision that would be a problem. Is this an issue with the way Patreon is classing the user as “free” tier while showing they have an access expiration in the future? FYI I have no free tier setup in Patreon. I assume this is a default group (for them) for users that have cancelled their membership to avoid getting rebilled automatically.

As with almost all of the subscription we tend to use today (music and streaming channels come to mind first) we can ‘Cancel’ our billing arrangement but still fully intend to get the benefits of the subscription we have paid for. In fact I would almost bet that their are many state or governmental laws dictating that you cannot remove access to a paid subscription by cancelling your billing arrangement. And Patreon is essentially the billing 3rd party in this transaction.

IIRC that’s something to do with following being considered “free” or something…