Paywall WITHOUT leaving Discourse?


Is it possible to install a paywall that doesn’t take the user offsite?

I’ve seen recommended as a site that does a paywall well, but the “Join and unlock all forums” upgrade sends users offsite to Patreon.

I had hoped for an option, like a payment pop-up, that allows the users to pay without leaving.


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You can take a look at this plugin


Thank you, sounds promising!

3 Likes also integrates natively with Stripe and Discourse and is what I previously used. They charge ~$25/mo plus 4.9% on top of Stripe’s 2.9%.

EDIT: I’m moving to free access to the site, then allowing someone to upgrade via Gravity Forms on Wordpress with Stripe, which then creates a new WP user, which is SSO for Discourse and updates Group access to view “protected” groups. It’s not super straight forward (like Memberful is), but it’ll save me 4.9% which is a lot. Here’s my flow: Wordpress SSO flow