Pending Approval - bad links - missing text

I’ve been experimenting with the “approve” feature on localhost and have noticed a couple of Bugs.

Apologies if this should be 2 topics, but I have a feeling they might be able to both be fixed in one go.

When a “pending approval” member starts a new topic, the only place it can be seen is via the hamburger menu.
I have no problem with that.

However, when a “pending approval” member makes a post in an existing topic, they get the “please be patient” message - so far all good - But all members can see this in the post stream

If a non-Moderator member clicks the link, they get the “Error, something went wrong”
* the link works for Moderators and goes to the “Approve, Reject, Delete User, Edit” page.

If more than one “pending approval” members make posts in the topic, all users see this

The yml has no “other” (there’s the pesky pluralization problem again)

        one: "This topic has <b>1</b> post awaiting approval"
        many: "This topic has <b>{{count}}</b> posts awaiting approval"

Off-Topic (mostly)

I also noticed just now what is likely a rare use case but might be a problem in a busy topic if Moderators don’t get to approving promptly.

The pending posts, once approved, do not get put into the topic by when they were made, but by when they were approved. That is, appended, not inserted.

I suppose even if they were entered into the topic based on when they were made the “flow” could be a bit whack, but likely more so being appended rather than inserted.


Aha maybe @eviltrout should have a look?

Here’s a fix for the translation key:

We actually discussed this at length internally before developing the feature, and the conclusion we came to was that it was the only sane way of handling things.

Consider you read a topic with 100 posts. At 80 posts in there was a pending post you did not see. After you finished reading the topic, a moderator approved that post. Logically, would you want the next time you entered the topic to jump you to post 80? I think that would confuse many more people than putting it at the end.