Pending users notification

A pending users notification is currently sent every 9 hours and this period can’t be modified. It can be quickly annoying when you want to contact a user before accepting him.

Consequently, it would be great to create a variable allowing admins to set it by themselves. Is it possible?


We wanted this to be a site setting, can you make it so @neil?

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There are a few issues to fix here.

It sounds like we should be sending the notifications if there are users who have been waiting for approval for X hours or longer. Even if I add a setting for how often the notifications are sent, you might get notified for someone who signed up 1 second before the scheduled notification.

There’s also the problem of repeatedly notifying about the same list of pending users. Notifications should only be sent if there are new users waiting to be approved.


That’s not a problem, is it?

It’d be great to have this option!

I made some improvements to pending users notifications.

  • A notification will only be sent if there are new users waiting to be approved since the last notification.
  • The notification will only be sent if there are people who have been waiting longer then x hours to be approved, configured with the “pending users reminder delay” setting.
  • The “pending users reminder delay” can be used to disable the reminders by setting it to -1.


I am the admin of my forum. However, I never received such a notification. Do I have to be mod as well? Who receives these notifications usually? Reminders are sent per mail as well?

Yes you need to be a moderator to receive the notification. Admins don’t necessarily care about or have responsibility for moderation issues.


@neil While receiving pending notification messages, I can’t view the name of the pending user into the e-mail message, but just a bulk msg like «Check pending users…»

Is there a way to also receive in this message the user’s name? Never found such a feature to activate inside the admin panel nor related docs or hints

Thanks in advance

The message includes a link to the page where the new users can be reviewed too.

It doesn’t list the usernames. Why is that useful?

what happens if i set it to 0. is the pending user notif. sent immediately?

Setting it to zero won’t make it happen faster than once per hour if that’s what you’re trying to do. The job only runs once per hour.