Touch misalignment on Android in Infinite Flight Community

So again, touch misalignment bug is occuring on the Community, whenever i try to click, it clicks above the intended place, which makes it annoying, and impossible to post a reply, and now, refreshing the page, using a new tab WONT fix the issue temporarily.

Device:- Note 8 Android 8.0
Browser: Chrome newest version

NOTE:- This issue is also here on meta

On an Android Device, go to, and go to a Random topic, then hit reply, now touch, it will touch above where u intended

Can you give me the exact Chrome version?

I need the version you currently use, not the Google Play version.

Visit chrome://version in the address bar.

Thanks for the info!

That is a know Google Chrome bug that was fixed in version 68.

Google Chrome rollout in Android is a bit slow, but you should receive it in the next few days.


Will update as soon as i get it and will tell you if it worked