Permissions - Create / Reply / See. What about editing based on group and category?

I was wondering if there is a way to restrict who can edit in a certain category? My sites plan was to have different teams (assuming a team would need to be a group) who each get their own category and make it so only they can edit what is in their category. They should be free to browse, post, etc anywhere else as a normal user could, but basically be in charge of their own category and no one else’s. How might I go about doing this?

Standard users, of course, would be able to post anywhere they wanted. I am wanting it to be a support forum, where the team in charge of the category is supporting the people posting in that category, but not to be an overall moderator of the site, as some of the teams might technically be in competition and I don’t want anyone messing around with other teams categories.


When you create groups you can then assign the group to create/reply/see for a category. The groups have fairly robust settings for deciding what it takes to join a group.

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I only see those options though, is there no way to let a group edit a specific category? Or can you have moderators or staff that have power over only a specific category and not the whole site?

Regarding Category Moderators, take a look at



What do you mean by “edit a specific category”?

Only admins can change category settings. But you can assign different settings to a category for as many groups as you like. One group could read-only and other could read-reply, another could also create topics.

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I mean be able to manage a specific category not edit the category from higher level perspective. I am new to this system, so I don’t exactly know what all it can do as far as limiting or managing different types (or if there even are different types) of moderators.

Each category would have a FAQ or other stickied posts that I would like whoever is in charge of that category to be able to pick what posts are stickied, edit them, delete things, etc, but only for their category, not other categories. It would be ideal if they could get notified when there are new posts in their category as well so that they know there is a new question for them. They would not care or want to be notified about questions or posts in other categories as they are developers and their category is devoted to their project.

Everyone on the forum should be able to see, create, post in all of the categories except for the normal ones like staff and others that are hidden, but specific people should be able to edit whats in their assigned category.

You’re essentially asking for the ability to assign moderators to a category, which doesn’t yet exist.

See: Category-Specific Moderators, phase 1 RFC


Yes, I unfortunately found that out too late. : (