Persisting desktop/mobile view in mobile Chrome browsers

I have both an Android phone & tablet, running the latest releases of Android/Chrome.

On the Pixel C, my standard orientation is landscape with a keyboard, so the mobile UI is not ideal. I keep trying the “request desktop version” in the browser options, but really wish that I didn’t have to do this step every single time I load a Discourse site.

Is there any way to persist the mobile/desktop preferences based on a cookie or something?

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Yes, but that cookie would be per domain so how would it help? The real issue is, freakishly rare android tablet, does it send a unique agent like the Nexus series do?

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I guess it would help by keeping the desktop UI setting every time I went to in my Android Chrome browser. Isn’t that desirable?

And, yes, unique user agent indeed:

Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 6.0.1; Pixel C Build/MXC14G) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/49.0.2623.91 Safari/537.36

I think the call here is to always ask for Mobile + Android for Android mobile detection, if we need to whitelist some more 7’’ tablets (so they are treated as mobile) then we can


There are some specific Google Chrome user agent detection recommendations for “Phone” vs “Tablet” listed here:

  • Phone pattern: Android + Chrome/[.0-9]* Mobile
  • Tablet pattern: Android + Chrome/[.0-9]* (?!Mobile)

All right, I’m changing it to

user_agent =~ /Mobile/ && !(user_agent =~ /iPad/)

No idea why we had webOS in there, who even uses that? Let’s just say it’s a mobile device if it is telling us it is one:



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