Personal messaging question

We have a youth organization and we were wondering if there was functionality that would enable private messages to be copied to designated adults. Basically, we would like to have any private message sent to a youth automatically sent to their parent(s) to avoid anything being hidden from a responsible adult.

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Nothing currently exists that could handle this so you’d need a plugin.


Was youths sending PMs out included? Because they could pick up an inappropriate conversation started off site and initiate one themselves in their own right.

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Messages can’t be actively monitored, but it’s worth emphasizing that Discourse refers to them as ‘Messages’ because they aren’t private, any administrator can view the messages of any user. Communicating that alone might be enough to deter misbehavior.

Alternatively, if you’re concerned about the risk of abuse, Messages can be disabled sitewide by unchecking enable personal messages in /admin/settings.


Is there some list of available plugins or would this be something that would need to be developed?

It’s not so much that we are looking to monitor messages. We currently communicate with the youth through an email list forwarder. When we set up a youth, any emails sent to that youths address are also cc’d to their parents. Yes, this is For full transparency but we also find that the parent often will receive the email and remind their youth if they hadn’t responded.

This is something that would need to be developed. :slight_smile:
You could try posting in the #marketplace


Thank you. I will try that.

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