Pinned Topic -- How Do We Always Keep it Pinned?

Currently, after the user views the topic list with a pinned topic, it is no longer pinned for that user.

Is there a way to always keep it pinned?

Search your Admin, Site Settings for pin.


Thank you very much for your incredibly fast response!

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I have the same issue. It is a stupid “feature” I think. If I say pin it, why on earth would you read that as “pin it only until I read it”. Does it make any sense to you?

That option shouldn’t be set by default.

I think a lot depends on how you think of Pinned.

If like last century’s forums, you might think Pinned would be a kind of “sticky post” and always listed first.
If like Discourse, Pinned is more like “should be read at least once”.

True, if Pinned are used more as an “easy to find reference topic”, having them become automatically unPinned doesn’t help, If members want to keep it readily available they need to use the topics Pin button or Bookmark the topic. (or be good at using Search)

The problem with Pinned topics to consider is that they occupy valuable space - the beginning of topic lists.
If you have too many of them, they “bump” often more active topics down the list.

If the unPin when read isn’t a good fit for a forum there is an Admin Setting to disable it from happening.

No “default” will ever suit every forum. That’s why they’re options.


It would be very helpful to have a third setup option: Allow individual topics to be set as always pinned, in addition to the current all or none choices.


If you disable the “unpin when read” setting. that option does exist.
For individual members.

If a member doesn’t unpin a topic it will remain pinned.

The current accepted wisdom is to have a separate category for frequently used “reference” topics.


Accepted by whom? Proposed by whom?

Seems to me with a wide variety of uses and users, there is no “wisdom” that makes sense for all. Using phases like “current accepted wisdom” seems to imply those who don’t follow it are not wise, and that simply is not the case.

Perhaps “one approach” would be a better choice of words.

Unlikely to happen, current options are already confusing enough to explain

Pin until user unpins even if user has automatically unpin after read. Is just way too hard to explain or need

Yes, plus overriding the user’s desire to explicitly un-pin stuff for themselves would be user hostile design IMO.

Though I think that could be done with CSS. You can hide the current pin icon (thus hiding its click event) and use :before with content: \F08D to put the push pin in front of the title text. Then you’d have a PIN icon that can’t be clicked to unpin it (if you absolutely wanted this).

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