Perspective Plugin: Warns users on edit, but does not flag

The perspective plugin works as intended when you create a new post.

The user is being warned and post flagged if over the threshold.

But, if a user first creates a harmless post, then edits it to something unwanted, the warning popup still comes up, but the post is not being flagged.

This is bad, as users can get around it. You may check this @rishabh

The plugin should give the warning popup and do the flagging for edits, too.

Thanks for letting us know. I’ll take a look soon.


One solution is to disable or tightly restrict allowed editing period after posting, note that there are site settings to restrict editing specifically for new users as well.

Thanks for the feedback, but Perspective is to keep the community clean of toxic language even from long term members (in particular in our community, new members are mostly friendly :laughing: ).

And as the popup comes up, the call to the API seems to work on edit, but just the flagging is not happening. Maybe the plugin can check if the same post has been flagged before already (for whatever reason), and if so don’t flag again, but changing a harmless post into something toxic (without being flagged before) should be flagged. Our long terms members will fast figure out this loophole.

Posts will be re-checked after a user edits them:


Very nice. Thanks for the fix.

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