PGN viewer theme component just released


I created a theme component to render PGN (Portable Game Notation) strings into an interactive chessboard, using PgnViewerJS. The component is still under development but it’s somehow usable.

The theme let the user put a PGN block of text inside a code block with pgn specification, and some parameter to control the appearance. It is also possible to user wrap blocks, but this has some issue, because the inner text is parsed and the notation 1. e4 e5 is converted into a list entry.

So far, copy and paste from chess dot com, lichess and in general any pgn is possible, with NAGs and notes.

I’ve not yet written a proper documentation or readme, but it’s ongoing. I’m not sure how to properly format a documentation or post here for announcing, so if there are guidelines to follow, please advice. Thank you.



Hi Happy :cactus:!

Nice project you’ve got here :chess_pawn:

If you aim to publish your component here on meta, you can have a look at some of the latest official theme components released:


Maybe you also want to join the @theme_authors and @theme_creator groups.