Phantom signups (two users with the same account after migration)

Hi Roman

Looks like this user may be one associated with the imported Yahoo Groups archive material, or probably from more recent imported myBB material (the forum has migrated platforms a couple of times. The myBB user accounts were explicitly imported with some associated user profile info, though the Yahoo Groups users were not, so have only a nominal username in profile)

Created at date is 2011-11-28 - though I see an updated date much more recent - 15 July 2020, without user actually ever visiting this site/forum incarnation? Maybe some automatic process did the updating?

When I manually searched for that user profile, I saw that the user is showing as approved (probably approved automatically during the import process from MyBB - though if so, why is it showing as unapproved in query? Either way, if this is some systematic issue with the user profile imports, there should be hundreds of others the same showing up as unapproved but active, not just one)

It doesn’t look like it’s the same user. The one the query found shouldn’t be approved. Could you please check the profile of the user with id 961 and confirm it’s not approved? Use this URL: <yoursite>/admin/users/961/-


Hi Roman - you were right.

the profile at /admin/users/961/ was not approved, though had same username. This one was created on 28 Nov 2011, so predated the other one. It looks to me like both profiles were created by an import process - one from MyBB, one from Yahoo Groups.

I guess the import process bypassed the normal checks for unique username.

A standard search by username just shows the other version, not this one.

Both accounts appear to be from the same person (same email address).
Is there any reason not to just merge them at this stage?, or is there some utility for testing purposes leaving as is for now?

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You can go ahead and merge them. Be sure to re-run the query and confirm that there’re no unapproved users left.

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I have merged the users - strangely the resulting user was activated but not approved, and the approve button was grayed out, so I couldn’t just approve them.

Following the workaround described here, I deactivated then reactivated the account, and was then able to approve.

I reran all 3 queries, and (in reverse order) am showing 0 users in the sign up queue, 946 unapproved users without an associated reviewable object, and ‘zero results’ for unapproved but active users.

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Subsequent to this, I have had a new person sign up, and this time the approval queue behaved as expected - no phantoms.

This suggests the presence of an active but not approved user is enough to mess up the subsequent user sign ups count - I hate to think how many have potential users have applied and not been approved because of this!

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