Photo-hosting gets to the topic's "popular links" even though all photos are downloaded locally as by Discourse settings

Consider this topic:

Among popular links, it lists, which is a photohosting:

In the topic, there are no links at all.

I suppose the links were for the photos to the photo-hosting. However, my Discourse instance is configured to download and store all images locally. So, not sure why that link is in the “top links” list. I do not want it and it makes no sense - is this a bug? If not, how do I remove the link from that list?

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Thanks for reporting that issue. I moved the topic link extraction (process that builds the “Popular Links” list) to the PostRevisor so that it’s done every time a post is revised (including when we pull hotlinked images ;))

You can fix your issue by updating to latest and rebaking the relevant posts.