Picture related command syntax for the posts

Hallo everybody.
I’m a simple forum user. I discovered that many forum I partecipate use Discourse “engine”, so I’m here just to ask about functionalities that (maybe) are hidden into the syntax that I ignore.
I see that pictures, like the one I posted here down below with a super-cool direct CTRL-V, have this kind of syntax:


I see that if I want to make it shown smaller, I simply can add that “, 75%” or use a custom value. Nice.

![image|690x423, 75%](upload://xDB1ZIHCyrOF1QJGr7uyCNNh1TC.png)

Also, if I need to re-use the same image, I can paste that text-string again, instead of doing other dumb CTRL-C CTRL-V along the topics. Nice.

As you can see in the picture I attached (a screenshot of another discourse-based forum, with a couple of following mock-ups), I pasted it, and I kept writing text along the same line. This was intended, but when I started a new text line, it went after the picture.
Time for the questions:

  • Is there a way to change the picture behaviour in the way it interacts with the text?
    For example, is there a way to have the text aligning with the lower base of the picture, as in the first mock-up (the second picture in the screenshot)?
  • And/or, is there a way to have the text flowing along the picture, as in the last mock-up?

Thanks in advance for the suggestions!