Pin a post even in the categories home page

Having looked again at the Wizard I don’t think this is possible. Please correct me if I am wrong about this or take this as a feature suggestion.

I am using the Category based home page (Categories + latest posts) and that’s mostly great. But I would also like to be able to pin a single “Welcome - What kind of community are we building” over the top of the categories.

Is this possible? Is it something I could do with a theme? Or does it need support from Discourse itself?



You can pin a topic as forumwide banner. Does that solve your problem?


Hi MarcP.

I guess what I had in mind was a titled link to the post as a banner. But with a little editing to keep the length down this does the job, thanks.


I guess that the thing here is that the banner post is big enough that people are going to hit the ‘x’ and not see it again. Whereas a titled link is something you might want to appear for a while (you might even time limit it).

I will see how this works out, maybe people will read and digest the banner out the gate but I have a rather more cynical view of how people operate such systems. Then again, would they click the link…

There are other solutions, depending on what you are trying to do.

For example you can use the global notice site setting to create a text banner (also supports HTML if necessary). Another solution is to use the Versatile Banner which is highly customizable.


Thanks Dax. I’m going with the banner for now, but I’m glad to have those options to look into as well.


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