Post or Topic Visibility

Hi, I’ve tried searching for this feature but I might not be using the accurate keywords (or not sure if the feature really exists on Discourse):

I am looking for the feature wherein I can create a post (as a Discourse admin) and then make it visible across ALL categories (like a sticky or pinned announcement/guidelines/readme post). I am planning to put the readme or forum guidelines/etiquette on the post and will definitely update it as needed. Is there a feature like this? If there is, how to implement it?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, welcome :wave:

What about Homepage Feature?

You can make that topic a banner

Or use a theme-component which adds a banner


I thought the same, but the user can dismiss the banner.

Discourse has the usual pinned topic functionality. From the topic you want to pin, click on the wrench menu and select “Pin Topic…”.

Thanks for the replies. I tried the Banner mode but it definitely gets dismissed and it’s not advisable to use it especially if the content will be like a list of netiquette rules.

As for the Pin Globally - I tried it but it will be only visible in the category where it is posted in? I was hoping for a feature wherein the post/thread can be visible across ALL categories.

Suppose I use the HomePage Feature and I visit any particular category, will the same thread title be visible?