Pin automatically removed?

(Bieber Jang) #1

I found weird stuff.

I pinned the topic on the top and I read it then the pin automatically unlocked, the topic not on the top anymore. (logged in as admin)

But the topic still pinned on top if I visit as non registered user and always stay on top no matter how many times I read the topic.

why is it like that?

(Matt Palmer) #2

Pinned topics get unpinned once they have been read. Anons don’t get read-tracking, because ain’t nobody got the DB space for that. So pinned topics never get marked as “read” by anons.

(Mittineague) #3

If you don’t want that behavior you can go to your
and uncheck the “Other - Automatically unpin topics when I reach the bottom.” option

(Bieber Jang) #4

that’s the option I was looking for but it only applies to my account?
how can I apply this setting to all the members?

(Kris) #5

There’s an automatically unpin topics option in your site settings

(Bieber Jang) #6

can you guide me in which section it exists?
I can’t find



(cpradio) #8

But that only applies to new members who join, to update existing members you have to use a rake task and update their preferences.